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One of the best flash game ever.

I really enjoyed this, normally I don't like these type of games, but this is a really professional job.

The CGI intro and ending were fantastic!

Unfortunately for me, when I played, I guess something screwed up so I didn't get to hear the voice actors, kinda sucks. I wasn't even aware there were voices until just now. :/

Oh well, that's probably my browser's fault.

Anyways, superb job. Hopefully you guys make more of these! :)

The best flash game I've ever played.

Absolutely beautiful.

It was relaxing, mysterious, and a joy to play.

This is a masterpiece.

This is so awesome.

Possibly the best flash game ever.

Good job. :D

FoofaStudios, eh?

I'd say it's somewhat of a coincidence we both have "FooFa" in our name.. :|

Anyways, nice game, I liked it.

Freaking sweet.

I've been waiting for a good stick fighting game, and this was awesome.

I've been waiting 3 years for this.

Thank you.

Thats pretty damn hilarious.

It was tons of fun making George Bush say what he really meant. :D

Heres the thing.

I saw this on a certain forum (wink wink) and thought the screenshots looked good, it looked like the type of game that was going to be fast with really good fighting.
I'll be honest. The fighting was terrible, slow, (even with low quality) and the walking was bad too, you shouldn't of implemented a running button. You should've just had the walking be fast in itself.

There were many more things. You worked hard on this. I can tell. You guys just did alot of things wrong.

GreenCastle responds:

Try closing the page behind you that has the crystal ball banner ad. If that doesn't work, I guess Stone, myself, and all the people we had test this game have better computers than you.

It's a shame you clearly didn't play this game for more than a minute because there's some pretty fun stuff in the later levels.


That was awesome, the classical music was a great idea, this was just so refreshing.

Holy cow.

This is the future of games, the style and the sound were great, I actually felt sad when it said "To be continued..." I really hope the next one comes out soon.

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